What is Square 242?

Square 242 is a unique, historic block in the Logan Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC. It is bordered by 14th Street, Vermont Avenue, and Rhode Island Avenue, NW.

The residents and businesses that make up Square 242 reflect the same, wonderful diversity of our nation’s capital that encompasses it.  Longstanding neighbors welcome new folks moving in and our storefronts continually evolve like the flowers and trees that wrap around our beautiful, odd-shaped block.

This website was started as a handy way to find info for our annual alley party, as well as a directory and guide for the people and places we are connected to. Although the construction of is only in the beginning stages, our neighbors will soon be able to contribute photos, contact information, news and relevant updates so it will hopefully become a valuable resource for years to come.

Thank you and welcome to Square 242!

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